Photography Guides are Coming!

I've been working on some photography guides in my spare time… more

Quick Hack - Finding Shutter Speeds for Night Photography

Night photography can be scary at first… more

A Journey Home - The Project

I have always believed that I had a normal childhood. I knew, though, that my childhood was different than that of my best friends, present and long ago. more


I take my camera with me almost everywhere I go. The images in this album are a sampling of my daily photos.


The images in this set have, or are currently being used for personal projects.


As human beings, we all have a love of nature. The photographs contained in this section represent my attempts to capture and convey that beauty.


Over the years I've had the opportunity to photograph models, families, high school seniors, and weddings. These images are a small sampling of that work.

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range High-Dynamic Range, or HDR, photography is the result of combining multiple photographs...

Black & White

Is it possible to tell a story without color? Indeed, it is. In fact, I think it's easier to isolate a subject with black & white photography.